Photo of Michel playing his pipes somewhere in Monterey or Carmel


"Every time that Michel d'Avenas and the Monterey Bay Pipe Band came to Del Monte Shopping Center, they captured the audience's full attention and made for a festive and memorable event. From an organizer's perspective, the group was professional, spirited, organized, flexible and on-time, and we welcomed them back to our property time and again. I would highly recommend them to anyone planning a function or event."

- Christina Thompson Callahan, Director of Marketing, Del Monte Shopping Center, Monterey, California

"When Michel gives a lesson he goes into a trance, listening to every detail of every note you are playing. He can sit still for an hour, listening to you play exercises that he's heard a bazillion times, and he won't give up on helping you until you sound good enough to play pipes for his daughter's wedding."

- Elise, Student

"Michel is my ideal of a perfect, attentive instructor. He sits across from you at a table and focuses the maximum power of his vision and hearing on your playing, and his frequent corrections and high standards guide you down a clear and straight path to how the bagpipes should be played, as it is taught in Scotland. I think he's a natural born teacher, as he is especially good at explaining things and understanding what you're having trouble with and what words to use to make the light go on. He is also remarkably generous, encouraging, and humble."

- Student

"When someone hears Michel d'Avenas perform on the bagpipes, it is obvious that he has total command of this challenging instrument that many others never fully master. It's an absolute pleasure to hear Michel's bagpipe music, which always adds unique enjoyment to every event!"

- Wendy Brickman, Brickman Marketing, Monterey, California

"Under the guidance of master bagpiper Michel d'Avenas, the band has competed in the United States and abroad, earning prizes and acclaim."

- Monterey County Herald

"Good teachers are few and far between. Michel d' Avenas is one."

- Parent

"Students who acquire good bagpiping skills can earn money as musicians for a wide variety of events. As a musician and a member of a pipe band, they also learn teamwork, self-esteem, leadership, and more."

- Roddy Mackay, Monterey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival

"I have observed the very positive benefit to young people who have taken up the disciplines of Celtic music."

- Charles B. MacGlashan, M.D.