Michel d'Avenas playing traditional bagpipe tunes in California


Traditional Scottish Bagpipe Tunes

Michel has a vast repertoire of marches, strathpeys, reels, hornpipes, jigs, and slow airs. These include the following most requested tunes:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Barren Rock's of Aden
  • Bonnie Dundee
  • Danny Boy
  • Dark Island
  • Flower of Scotland
  • Flowers of the Forest
  • For All Those Endearing Young Charms
  • Gary Owen
  • Green Hills of Tyrol aka Scottish Soldier
  • Going Home
  • Highland Cathedral
  • Highland Laddie
  • Highland Wedding
  • Mari's Wedding aka Mary's Wedding
  • Minstrel Boy
  • Mist Covered Mountains
  • My Home
  • Scotland the Brave
  • Skye Boat Song
  • Wearing of the Green
  • When the Battle's Over

Non-traditional Tunes

Michel is delighted to perform any client requests, routinely learns new music and will adapt non-traditional tunes to bagpipes, including:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Ode to Joy
  • Greensleeves
  • Religious Hymns
  • Christmas Carols
  • Military Anthems
  • National Anthems
  • College Anthems
  • Folk Songs